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Photos of people, products, food, and magnificent places.

Hi, I'm Blue. I'm a photographer.

This is the part where I tell my loving and devoted audience (read: you) a bit about me - your loving and devoted photographer. However, instead of a dense and lengthy paragraph (believe me, no one wants that), I'll stick to some brief fun facts Outstanding, right?

- Prior to living the photo dream, I served in the military. Pulled the ol' switcheroo on life. 

- I learned how to use chopsticks in Korea - the southern one. 

- I have a cat. Her name is Varadaro and she's lovely - thanks. 

- I love the simple life. Backpacking, reading, and sleeping in on the weekends suits me fine. 

- Photography is both my passion and my career. Cool beans, eh?

- I love rainy days, cold weather, and storms. 

- I try to avoid crowds, long lines, and dark smoky alleyways in Gotham. 

O.K. back to business, guys and gals. You're probably really here because you're interested in working with me on some sort of photographic awesomeness, and I'm very cool with that. If you've already peaked at my portfolio, you'll likely have noticed that I've shot many different genres of my trade. It's cool, I love them all - even the stepchild of photography: landscapes. 

If you are, indeed, interested in working with me, I'd be delighted to hear from you and what you're looking for. Phone calls, email, text, carrier pigeons - I accept them all.  




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